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Central Mortgage Office was established according to Decree No. 991 as of 12 September 1997 of the Government of Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1997, No. 85-2144). Central Mortgage Office is being financed from the budget of the state of Republic of Lithuania and carries out its activities under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. The main purpose of Central Mortgage Office until July 1st, 2001 was to manage Central Mortgage Register.

Central Mortgage Office now performs following main functions: managing the Mortgage Register, the Register of Property Seizure acts, the Register of Wills, the Register of Marriage Settlements, the Register of Contracts, submitting data concerning registers which are being managed; following the order provided by the legal acts; determining connections and exchanging available data with the other registers of the State; performing other functions prescribed by the legal acts.


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E-mail: info@hipotekosistaiga.lt

State budgetary institution
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